Best Place to Buy Louis Vuitton Replica? (An Honest Review of Keepall Bag Answers You Well)

I’ve always had my eye on a Keepall from Louis Vuitton to use when I am traveling. The pictures from helped to make the decision to purchase the Keepall from their site. If you’re looking to purchase Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 45 in monogram canvas (The one I bought and loved) I hope this review will be helpful to you!

Order Details:

Where did you purchase the replica bag?

The style of the product?

Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 45 in Monogram Canvas


$348 + free shipping via Paypal, the High-End quality version, I think it is the best quality Louis Vuitton replica in the replica world.


Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Quality vs


Replica Louis Vuitton Bags Quality vs. Authentic

Quality (10/10)

The stitching is neat and tight showing quality work.

Sturdy. The material both on the interior and exterior seems strong enough to hold up to anything I can pack.

The Straps. Shoulder straps and short strap, the strap to keep the handles together, the luggage straps are all leather. Smaller items like the luggage tag seem to be flimsy, so I’m not sure how they will hold up. The shoulder strap has the correct number of holes.


louis vuitton fake keepall 45 with perfect details


How Accurate Can Louis Vuitton Replica Bags Be?


Louis Vuitton Replica Bags Keepall 45


Accuracy (10/10)

The shape of the bag is perfect. It matches the shape of the authentic bag down to the stitching.

The interior of the bag is a brown color which is a close match to the authentic version.

The exterior “45” stamp and “Louis Vuitton” stamps look good, not too deep and the “O” is round.

The exterior stamping of the “45” and “Louis Vuitton” are good quality, not deep and the “O” is round not “0”.

The hardware engraving is pretty good, with a decent quality that shows the quality of the bag.


high replica lv bag keepall is identical to authentic louis vuitton


How Satisfied Am I with this Louis Vuitton Keepall replica?

Satisfaction (9/10)

I really like this bag, it gives me an overall luxurious feel when I am traveling and it’s very well made. I can easily fit a few days worth of clothes, plus my toiletries and electronics comfortably.

If I were to get another Louis Vuitton Keepall copy to go with this one, I think I would look at the size 50. The 45 is a great bag to carry around and I have a great time using it. I’m walking around with the twin of a $2000 bag, and paid than $400 for mine. I am so confident in this knockoff bag, that I will carry it around my friends who are very knowledgable with luxury goods. This super replica bag is that good.

Service and/or Communication (10/10)

I had a great experience with customer service on The owner is understanding and can help with all your questions. He was very patient with me as this was the first time purchasing a bag. He speaks English, answers emails quickly, and ships products out fast. You can email pics of other products and he will respond to your request quickly.

I wish the website had more items as I definitely will be a repeat buyer. I love my fake Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 45 in Monogram Canvas.



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