Whether we approve of it or not, replica designer handbags purchases are enhancing day by day and if we look a bit closer, there are many valid reasons for it like affordable prices, variety, latest catalogue designs and good quality. With the immense social pressures these days like keeping up with the latest fashion trends-which means you have to buy new article almost every season-the option of replicas serves to save the day and pocket for many people. The pressures of carrying something new and appealing to the social events all the time, not just because you like it but because YOU SORT OF HAVE TO ACTUALLY! because you know everyone else will be flaunting something and may be the whole lunch talk will just be about them bragging about how they pulled so many strings to get hands on this limited edition Louis Vuitton handbag. So yeah sometimes people get replicas to survive these social events and to fit in!

There are lists of reasons why people buy replica designer handbags; here are our 6 top picks.


People these days are very realistic about financial investment. Yes, everyone wants to look well-groomed, well-dressed and own impressionable accessories-but still at a fair price. People seem to have set their expenditure limitations and aim to get the best product within that range. Why go out of budget just to buy one original handbag? Why invest savings on a handbag that will be outdated in next season? And they do make sense!

Also, the middle class aims to invest their money in things that can enhance their original investment, rather than to spend thousands of dollars on a branded handbag. As it is not profitable so they consider it a liability and it seems immature to them to spend so much money on a Gucci handbag.  Treating yourself with an expensive, high quality, luxury handbag once in a while-like anniversaries, graduation or promotion etc is healthy but thinking you have to buy Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag every time you need one doesn’t sound a sensible investment option.

Yeah I want to carry trendy, gorgeous handbags-but at a price-like 1000 is fine but not 10,000!


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Buying replica designer handbags is becoming popular because people are choosing practicality over luxury. Do you really need to spend thousands on 1 original limited edition Chanel handbag, when you can get 5 latest, good quality Chanel replicas in same price? While buying outfits, shoes, makeup and other accessories, there’s a limited budget that most people will like to spend on handbags. So instead of buying one or two genuine braded bags, they like to buy replicas providing them latest features, good material and affordability.

To how many social events you are gonna carry the one original Gucci handbag? No one likes to repeat a handbag to multiple social events-even if its Louis Vuitton or Chanel’s handbag. Also, handbags trends keep on changing so fast. The latest design you invested so much in, may not be trendy in the very next season. And after a couple of years, it would be so outdated.

Yeah the quality of genuine handbags is matchless but I will be fine with abit low-yet fine quality Gucci replica handbag with this price cut! People are opting replica designer bags because the quality of replicas is very detailed and fine. Getting almost exact designer featured handbag, with huge price difference is attractive for people.

Would you be comfortable with spending thousand of dollars on a bag that might get ruined by a scratch or a spill? Many people seem to like how carefree n relieved they feel being not conscious about handbag damage. It is stressful to take care of branded handbags, being extra conscious all the time you are carrying them.


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When you love to have closet full of variety of handbags-you don’t mind few replica designer handbags. People love to have a range of handbags that they can match with different outfits –depending on the event type and timing. We need all kinds of bags these days for different activities like professional handbags to carry to a meeting or office, casual handbags while going to shopping, formal handbags for social events-even bags to carry stuff for gym or an airplane flight. Then comes the timings-we need different bags for day time events and different bags for night events, different handbags for outdoor events and different handbags for indoor gatherings. To manage all these needs, people don’t mind replica designer handbags-as they are convenient and affordable.


Many times people don’t intend to buy replica designer handbags because of all the rumors they have heard all the time. But then they get to see some good quality replicas- either accidentally or as a reference by friend who has used them. This experience opens replica handbags as a trustful option for them. The quality, comfort, material and design of replica designer handbag satisfy or even surprise their expectations. As they use the replica handbag and are satisfied by the experience, they tend to opt replicas afterwards.

Good quality replica handbags are becoming trendy because of their easy and reliable accessibility these days. Many online forums like eBay, amazon provide safe, good quality and in-trend replica designer bags that makes the customers comfortable to place an order.

Not all replica designer bags are recommended, but if you do a little survey, check out multiple providers and go through all features of bag carefully-you can get yourself a very good handbag at a reasonable price. Worth a shot! PerfectImitation.com is a reliable source for high quality Louis Vuitton replica, they have more designer bags if you inquiry.


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While most people buy handbags-original or counterfeit out of need, some people do so just to experiment. While they use genuine handbags most of the time, many people do like to shop some counterfeit designer handbags just out of curiosity. To see are they really that bad? To experience it themselves how much difference there really is between original and fake handbag. This does build their insight about quality difference that practically exist between original and replica handbag. In many cases, people find replicas to be very practical and affordable. This experience inclines them towards buying more replica designer bags rather than investing fortunes in branded designer handbags.


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Last but not the least reason, unfortunately some people are fooled by a seller and sold a replica in name of original handbag. Such frauds mostly occur in online shopping or purchasing from unauthorized shops and dealers. Our advice is to be careful and preferably buy from an original brand outlet. (Editor’s Note: Please you can report such replica handbags shopping scam experience to us via email [email protected] and we will expose it.)


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